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Driver Saftey products

When it comes to DRIVER SAFETY Audio Engineers highly recommends that you have a few of these products installed so you don't have an accident, hurt somebody or that police officer pulls you over. 


  • Dash cameras: Once installed in your vehicle it will record all events while driving or even parked at a store. Some Dash cameras also have a warning for lane detection. 


  • Radar detectors: We are the leaders when it comes to custom radar detectors. The brand we use is K40 Electronics and they offer many models to choose from that all use the latest in radar and laser protection technology.


  • Back up cameras: This is one of our most popular driver safety items. We can install a backup camera on almost any vehicle and have the image which is located behind you show up on your factory radio, a new rear view mirror or even an external video display. 

  • Lane Detection: Many newer vehicles now come with this advanced feature called lane detection. What happens is while you are driving and you start to move out of your current lane for passing, the system checks for any surrounding cars or trucks that may be in your presence and alerts you with an audible beep and a flashing light. 


Let's make you a safer driver today!



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