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One of our strengths in CAR AUDIO installation is our process. Every installation receives the same level of expertise and detail. We test and verify everything. We leave no attribute unchecked and, as a result, have highly successful outcomes. All of our detail-oriented work means a simple result for you; amazing sound and high reliability.



We mount all of our electronics and SPEAKERS, including custom subwoofer enclosures, securely to avoid any safety concerns while driving or in the event of an accident. We excel at custom installation work and can create one-off metal parts such as CUSTOM brackets. We also build composite (fiberglass) and MDF subwoofer enclosures to tastefully fit a SUBWOOFER in your vehicle to appear as if it belongs there from the factory.


We use the latest electrical measurement and diagnostic TOOLS to ensure precision calibration of all electronics, including setting every amplifier we install with an oscilloscope and distortion detector to provide maximum undistorted output. We have Real Time Analyzers (RTA) to measure and adjust the frequency response of the sound system and create a balanced, realistic sound. We will even help you understand the important attributes of digital music files, either downloaded songs or CDs you ‘rip’ and store. If “BOSE” is your reference for good sound, you’ll be amazed at how MUCH BETTER sound we can achieve in your car with our knowledge and installation skill. After all, we are experts in the category.

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